We have two possible accommodation options (see Google map link at the end of the letter):

  1. Hotel "Sputnik". This hotel has the following website in English: This hotel is 20 minutes walk from the conference location. A single room is about 140 USD per day. (Sorry, this is about the lower average price for regular hotels in Moscow.)
  2. Hotel "Universitetskaya". This hotel has the following webpage in English: This is a budget hotel with modest rooms. It offers cheaper prices due to the fact that it is owned by the Russian Orthodox Church. Single room prices range from USD 55 to USD 110 per day. However, it is located somewhat away (about 30 min by public transport) from the conference site. We plan to organize transportation from it to Steklov Institute during the conference.

We kindly ask you to select one of the accommodation options. If you wish to stay at one of these hotels, please book a room using the contact information provided at the respective websites. Send us the details of your booking so that we could be of help in case of any problems.

See also the Google map with the conference location and hotels.

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Important Dates

  • Papers submission deadline
    16 March 2010
  • Papers acceptance notification
    21 May 2010
  • Extended abstracts submission deadline
    1 June 2010
  • Extended abstracts acceptance notification
    21 June 2010
  • Final version of papers and abstracts due
    25 June 2010
  • Conference
    24-27 August 2010