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Invited talks

Regular talks

  • Gerard Allwein and William Harrison. Partially-ordered Modalities slides
  • Marta Bílková, Ondrej Majer, Michal Peliš and Greg Restall. Relevant Agents video
  • Kai Brünnler, Remo Goetschi and Roman Kuznets. A Syntactic Realization Theorem for Justification Logics slides   video
  • Serenella Cerrito and Marta Cialdea Mayer. Nominal Substitution at work with the Global and Converse Modalities
  • Hans van Ditmarsch, Tim French and Sophie Pinchinat. Future event logic - axioms and complexity slides   video
  • David Fernandéz. Absolute Completeness of S4 for its Measure-Theoretic Semantics video
  • Santiago Figueira and Daniel Gorín. On the size of shortest modal descriptions slides   video
  • Amélie Gheerbrant. Complete axiomatization of the stutter-in variant fragment of the linear time mu-calculus video
  • Rajeev Goré, Linda Postniece and Alwen Tiu. Cut-elimination and Proof Search for Bi-Intuitionistic Tense Logic slides   video
  • Wesley Holliday and Thomas Icard. Moorean Phenomena in Epistemic Logic
  • Ryo Kashima. Completeness proof by semantic diagrams for transitive closure of accessibility relation
  • Stanislav Kikot. Semantic characterization of Kracht formulas slides   video
  • Agi Kurucz. On the complexity of modal axiomatisations over many-dimensional structures
  • Agi Kurucz, Frank Wolter and Michael Zakharyaschev. Islands of tractability for relational constraints: towards dichotomy results for the description logic EL video
  • Alexander Kurz and Yde Venema. Coalgebraic Lindstrom Theorems video
  • Clemens Kupke and Dirk Pattinson. On Modal Logics of Linear Inequalities video
  • Katsuhiko Sano and Minghui Ma. Goldblatt-Thomason-style Theorems for Graded Modal Language slides
  • Luigi Santocanale and Yde Venema. Uniform Interpolation for Monotone Modal Logic video
  • Dmitry Skvortsov. A Remark on Propositional Kripke Frames Sound for Intuitionistic Logic video
  • Ilya Shapirovsky. Simulation of two dimensions in unimodal logics video
  • Tomoyuki Suzuki. Bi-approximation Semantics for Substructural Logic at Work video
  • Tinko Tinchev and Dimiter Vakarelov. Logics of Space with Connectedness Predicates: Complete Axiomatizations slides   video
  • Sara L. Uckelman and Spencer Johnston. A Simple Semantics for Aristotelian Apodeictic Syllogistics slides   video
  • Eric Ufferman, Pedro Gongora and Francisco Hernandez-Quiroz. A Complete Proof System for a Dynamic Epistemic Logic based upon Finitepi-Calculus Processes video

Abstract presentations

  • Philippe Balbiani and Andrey Kudinov. A topological interpretation of public announcement logic
  • Philippe Balbiani, Olivier Gasquet and François Schwarzentruber. Epistemic reasoning in Lineland
  • Marta Bílková, Jiři Velebil and Yde Venema. On monotone modalities and adjointness
  • Katarina Britz, Johannes Heidema and Ivan Varzinczak. Pertinence Construed Modally slides
  • Alexander Chagrov and Lilia Chagrova. Undecidability of the Problem of Topological Completeness of Normal Extensions of S4
  • Evgeny Dashkov. On positive fragments of polymodal provability logic video
  • Hans van Ditmarsch and Tim French. Becoming Aware
  • Patrick Girard and Jeremy Seligman. Ceteris Paribus Logic video
  • Mikhail Golovanov. About an example of decidable finitely axiomatizable K4-logic undecidable with respect to admissibility of inference rules
  • Simon Kramer. An Intuitionistic Foundation for Interactive Computation
  • Larisa Maksimova. Weak Interpolation Property over the Minimal Logic slides   video
  • Grigory Olkhovikov. Second-Order Theory Delta As a Tool for Description of Modal Semantics
  • Eric Pacuit and Sunil Simon. Reasoning with Protocols Under Imperfect Information
  • Timofei Shatrov. Superintuitionistic logics of atomless sub-Boolean Kripke frames
  • Levan Uridia. Common belief of normal agents

Video records of some talks

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  • Papers submission deadline
    16 March 2010
  • Papers acceptance notification
    21 May 2010
  • Extended abstracts submission deadline
    1 June 2010
  • Extended abstracts acceptance notification
    21 June 2010
  • Final version of papers and abstracts due
    25 June 2010
  • Conference
    24-27 August 2010